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The Flip Side Of Dating video

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Floppy Drive Music Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Song
These days most kids don`t even know what a floppy disk is. You know, the little icon on almost every save button in the world of computers. With so many obsolete floppy disk drives, real uber-nerds have the luxury of having some fun for cheap. MrSolidSnake745, a floppy drive musician, took eight extra floppy drives, and with a little computer know-how, played a beautiful cover of the Pirates of the Caribbean Theme SongBoyfriend Body Spray Commercial - Funny videos
Boyfriend Body Spray Commercial
Women around the planet know of the phenomenon. They can go months, or even years with no boyfriend, but the second they finally find one, other men find them simply irresistible. What if you could bottle this mystery? The geniuses at ComeDiva did just that in this faux-body spray commercial.Awesome Vintage Ladies Bike Freestyle Tricks - Funny videos
Awesome Vintage Ladies Bike Freestyle Tricks
Sure, we`ve witnessed plenty of awesome bike stunts, but they`re always using proper street trial bikes. Here, rider proves that skills always trump equipment. Vintage bicycles aren`t as easy to pull tricks on as say, a little girls bike found in the garbage, but they can still apparently get the job done. With some slight modifications of course.POV Bike Race Through City - Extreme videos
POV Bike Race Through City
This is like the Nitro Circus meets the Tour de France. First person perspective of a bike race through a city filled with obstacles.This town built a bike course through their town using stairs, tight corners, and ramps, all shown through a first-person perspective.This Woman Is Really Mad About Something - Funny videos
This Woman Is Really Mad About Something
When a woman`s mad about something but she`s really mad about something else, you can`t ask because then they get angry because you had to ask :D This woman lets all her emotions out through her loud, loud voice about... something. Even the people getting yelled at don`t know what`s going on.Benny Benassis Satisfaction With Some Grandmas Video Remix - Funny videos
Benny Benassis Satisfaction With Some Grandmas Video Remix
Yep, this is as weird as they come, in terms of video remixes. This is a video remix of Benny Benassi`s `Satisfaction`... the song is the same, only the women have been changed! As much fun as it is, there is a serious note at the end of the video clip - equal pay for everyone, even the elderly.


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